About us

Our company

At Xesso Limited We support energy companies, oil field services and technology companies, investors and government organisations with insights and analysis. Our coverage ranges from global trends to detailed due diligence etc. By combining our industry expertise, we deliver high quality advice and support within the following areas:

• Strategy and Business Development
• Oil Service Market Assessments
• Peer Group Benchmarking
• Gas Markets & Infrastructure
• Energy Transition & Carbon Emissions

We work with E&P and oilfield service companies, financial companies, investors and governments, both internationally and locally. We help them find best possible answers to complex questions and assist them in the successful decision-making on strategic challenges. We do this through a continuous, transparent dialog with our clients - before, during and after our engagement.

What We Do?

Xesso Limited has a dedicated team of global metals and mining experts across developed and emerging economies. Our projects span a wide range of issues, including turnaround programs, operational improvement and mergers and acquisitions. Our experience spans the entire production cycle, from upstream mining and raw material inputs to primary metal production, fabrication and distribution.

How we help?

Our Metals and Mining Consulting Team provide advice across every segment of the mined materials value chains - from exploration and product transformation to end-use consumption – to help them identify opportunities available.

our advice is sought by many of the world's leading governments, banks, fund managers, law firms and courts, commodity traders, miners and mineral processors. We work with our clients on a wide range of business issues including: Corporate and business unit growth strategy. In the face of current industry pressures—shifting profit pools, commodity volatility, disparate regional production capacity and consumption trends, evolving technologies, innovation and regulation, and continued industry consolidation—we help our clients build sound strategies, explore expansion and adjacent business opportunities, define their core business, and develop a repeatable business model for enduring growth. Mergers and acquisitions. Growing bigger and more diverse has been and will remain a key driver of success in many metals and mining markets. Bain experts have extensive experience in due diligence, mergers and acquisitions planning, and integration to help mining and metals companies build scale and diversify their portfolios across multiple global regions, helping to stabilize price volatility and improve competitive position. Xesso Limited has a comprehensive tool kit to help companies address organisational design and decision difficulties and other organisational barriers to performance. And we work with clients to improve their performance problems and safety issues by focusing talent, leadership and culture efforts. IT and technological innovation. Our experts provide an objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources and innovation investments in the broader context of our client’s business. .

Telecommunications and Information Technology

Xesso Limited is a leading provider of consultancy services. Xesso Limited core expertise is in providing software solutions and end-to-end consultancy to the private and public sector organisations. We help our clients meet today’s business challenges and explore new opportunities with effective, focused and customisable consultancy services. With a strong track record, deep industry knowledge and a team of specialists, we support our clients in building and executing transformational strategies.

• Xesso Limited supports clients to develop their businesses and achieve their goals through lasting solutions which ensure success. The company aims at the constant development of innovative solutions and applications in order to meet the future business needs of the companies it supports. It seeks innovative proposals and solutions that strengthen businesses and drive their growth. Technology Xesso Limited offers a selection of hosted white-labelled connectivity solutions, to enable our partners to offer powerful services to their customers with minimal overhead. Strategic Partners Xesso is proud of our team and partners, recognising that they are the most valuable asset of our company. We co-operate with professionals from a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds: Economists, Business administration experts, Public Relations professionals, Legal advisors Technology and IT specialists, Military experts, Engineers etc. .

Oil & Gas

Xesso Limited offers services at all stages of the oil and gas value chain; from exploration & production through to end-user markets and planning for end of asset life. Our multi-disciplinary teams and network work across the globe, and with a broad portfolio of project experience to draw upon, Xesso Limited is ready to help.

• Xesso Limited provides business advisory and technology services for next-gen oil and gas. Our industry expertise and proven methodologies enable us to deliver projects faster, generating measurable improvements in operational efficiency and saving project time and costs by as much as 50%. How our clients benefit With Xesso Limited as a trusted advisor, our clients improve business performance through greater operational efficiency. We deliver business solutions encompassing your people, processes, and systems – generating measurable operational improvements .