About Us

At Xesso Limited We support energy companies, oil field services and technology companies, investors and government organisations with insights and analysis. Our coverage ranges from global trends to detailed due diligence etc. By combining our industry expertise, we deliver high quality advice and support within the following areas:
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Oil Service Market Assessments
  • Peer Group Benchmarking
  • Gas Markets & Infrastructure
  • Energy Transition & Carbon Emissions

What We Do

Xesso Limited has a dedicated team of experts across developed and emerging economies. Our projects span a wide range of issues, including turnaround programs, operational improvement and mergers and acquisitions. Our experience spans the entire production cycle, from upstream and raw material inputs to primary production, fabrication and distribution.

We are a consulting company

Xesso Limited provides business advisory and technology services for next-gen oil and gas. Our industry expertise and proven methodologies enable us to deliver projects faster, generating measurable improvements in operational efficiency and saving project time and costs by as much as 50%.

How our clients benefit

With Xesso Limited as a trusted advisor, our clients improve business performance through greater operational efficiency. We deliver business solutions encompassing your people, processes, and systems – generating measurable operational improvements